What are linear guideways used for?

What are linear guideways used for?

Linear Guideway is one of the important elements of the machine tool. Its main function is to make sure that the cutting tool or machine tool element moves along a predetermined path. LM Guide provides smooth and linear motion in machine tools, due to which higher accuracy and precision can be obtained.

Who is hiwin?

HIWIN is a combination of HI-tech WINner. The company is known for linear motion guides, ball spline, ball screws….HIWIN.

Native name 上銀科技股份有限公司
Founded 11 October 1989
Founder Yung-Tsai Chuo
Headquarters No. 7, JingKe Road, Nantun District, Taichung City, 408, Taichung , Taiwan
Area served Worldwide

How do you choose a linear bearing?

Choosing a Linear Bearing: A Quick Reference Guide

  1. Loading.
  2. Low profile.
  3. Temperature resistance.
  4. Corrosion resistance.
  5. Price.
  6. Environmental performance.
  7. Adjustable clearance availability.

What are the forces acting on the LM guideways?

The loads acting on a linear guideway include the weight of slide, the inertia load at the times of start and stop, and the moment loads caused by overhanging.

What are the types of linear bearings?

Linear Bearing Types Choices for linear bearing styles include air, flat ball cage, ball spline, ball bushing, needle roller cage, cam follower, crossed roller, guide wheel, hydrostatic, plain or journal, linear motion guide, flat roller cage, and linear roller.

What are the two types of guideways generally used in lathe machine?

There are two guideways provided, inner ways and outer ways, which are accurately machined to make them parallel to the axis. The lathe should take up the various vibrations, which are causing due to different types of force. The guideways provide sliding surfaces to the carriage and the tailstock.

What are the factors which influence the design of guideways?

Requirements of guideways are : (a) Guideway should have high rigidity. (b) The surface of guideways must have greater accuracy and surface finish. (c) Guideways should have high accuracy of travel.

Can linear bearings be mounted upside down?

Most linear bearings can be used when turned 90° or even inverted, but there are a few factors to consider when mounting linear bearings in this orientation.

How do you choose linear bearings?

How does a linear guideway work?

Linear guideways provides linear motion by re-circulating rolling elements between a profiled rail and a bearing block. The coefficient of friction on a linear guideway is only 1/50 compared to a traditional slide and they are able to take loads in all directions.

What is HIWIN’s QH linear guideway?

The development of Hiwin’s QH linear guideway is based on a four-row circular-arc contact. The QH series linear guideway with SynchMotion™ Technology offers smooth movement, superior lubrication, quieter operation and longer running life.

What is the coefficient of friction on a linear guideway?

The coefficient of friction on a linear guideway is only 1/50 compared to a traditional slide and they are able to take loads in all directions. With these features, a linear guideway can achieve high precision and greatly enhanced moving accuracy.

What is the application of QE linear guideway?

Therefore the QE linear guideway has broad industrial applicability in the high-tech industry where high speed, low noise, and reduced dust generation is required. The QE series is interchangeable with the EG series.