How did Tropical Storm Allison form?

How did Tropical Storm Allison form?

The storm developed from a tropical wave in the northern Gulf of Mexico on June 4, 2001, and struck the upper Texas coast shortly thereafter. It drifted northward through the state, turned back to the south, and re-entered the Gulf of Mexico.

How many inches of rain does a tropical storm Allison have?

Allison’s rainfall and flooding The highest amounts measured were just over 38 inches. Even though there was widespread flooding during the first three days of the event, no flood-related deaths were reported.

How long did Tropical Storm Allison last?

June 4, 2001 – June 18, 2001Tropical Storm Allison / Date

Where did Hurricane Allison hit?

TexasFloridaLouisianaSoutheast… United StatesNorth CarolinaMississippi
Tropical Storm Allison/Affected areas
Originally a mere “disturbance” passing through the Yucatan Peninsula into the Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Storm Allison formed Tuesday, June 5 – 80 miles off the Southeast Texas coastline. That night, it made landfall west of Galveston, with sustained winds of 50 miles per hour.

How many storms have been named Allison?

The name Allison was used for three tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean and the alternative spelling Alison has been used for two tropical cyclone in the Australian region of the Indian Ocean, one in the South-West Indian Ocean, and one in the South Pacific Ocean.

What date was hurricane Allison?

How many people died during Tropical Storm Allison?

55Tropical Storm Allison / Total fatalities

When did Allison hit Houston?

Allison never rose to hurricane status, but its impact went into the record books. The storm began as a tropical wave off Africa on May 21, 2001. Within five days, it had traveled west and over northern South America before continuing west across Central America and into the eastern Pacific on June 1.

Where did the name Allison come from?

Allison is a surname of English and Scottish origin. It was a patronym, in most cases probably indicating son of Allen, but in other cases possibly from Ellis, Alexander, or the female given name Alice/Alise. Alison, variant form Alizon, is a surname of French origin.

How many people were injured in Tropical Storm Allison?

Allison killed 41 people, of whom 27 drowned. The storm also caused over $8.7 billion in damage (2001 USD, $12.78 billion 2020 USD), making Allison the costliest and second-deadliest tropical storm on record in the United States.

What Alison means?

noble, exalted
Origin:German. Popularity:940. Meaning:noble, exalted.

What Allison means?

Meaning:noble. Allison is a gender-neutral baby name of Scottish origin. A variation of the name Alison, this baby name means “noble.” In the early 1200s, Allison was a popular surname that took over counties and towns like Berwickshire, Yorkshire, and Durham.

What was the first named storm for 2021?

Ana formed as a subtropical storm and was upgraded to a tropical storm, making it the seventh consecutive year that a named storm has developed in the Atlantic before the official start of the season.

How do you spell Allison?

The variant spelling Allison is the most common form in the United States. Other variations include Alisson, Allisson, Allyson, Allysson, Alyson, Alysson, Alicen and Alycen, with nicknames Allie, Alley, Alie, Ali, Ally, Aly, Al, Aley and Alli.

Is Alison a girl or boy name?

The name Alison is primarily a female name of English origin that means Son Of The Noble One. Originally a boy’s name, became a popular girl’s name in the mid-20th century.

Tropical Storm Allison was a tropical storm that devastated southeast Texas in June of the 2001 Atlantic hurricane season. An arguable example of the ” brown ocean effect “, Allison lasted unusually long for a June storm, remaining tropical or subtropical for 15 days, most of which when the storm was over land dumping torrential rainfall.

How many people died from Hurricane Allison?

Impact. The storm also killed 41 people directly, including 27 who drowned. This ties Allison with a tropical storm in 1917 as the second-deadliest tropical storm to affect the contiguous United States, surpassed only by the 1925 Florida tropical storm which killed 73 people.

What happened after Hurricane Allison hit Houston?

While Allison was never strong enough to reach hurricane status and weakened to below tropical storm strength early in its life, the low pressure center remained after Allison impacted residents from Houston to New Orleans with catastrophic flooding.

How much rain did Allison drop in New York?

Tropical Storm Allison caused flash flooding in New York, dropping up to 3 inches (75 mm) of rain in one hour in several locations and peaking at 5.73 inches (146 mm) in Granite Springs.