What is HABIT EverymanHYBRID?

What is HABIT EverymanHYBRID?

HABIT is one of the main antagonists of EverymanHYBRID. He is an entity responsible for the caches and letters containing the Corenthal Papers, as well as some of the unsigned tweets and the Seven Trials of Habit Tournament. HABIT types in all-caps and tends to end his messages with “YOURS,” or “REGARDS,”.

What is HABIT Slenderverse?

HABIT. HABIT is an immensely powerful and mysterious evil demonic being, and the main antagonist of the EverymanHYBRID YouTube ARG horror series. He is also a major antagonist in the Slenderverse. He also appears as a major antagonist in TribeTwelve, MLAndersen0 and is mentioned multiple times in Stan Frederick.

Who created EverymanHYBRID?

EMH was created originally as a health video vlog by friends Vincent, Evan, and Jeff. Later appearances are made by Jeff’s brother Alex and Damsel from Slenderblog CANYOUSEETHEWORDS The three originally intend to prank the audience by creating a fake Slender Man and placing it in their videos, in obvious places.

How does EverymanHYBRID end?

The Bad Guy Wins: At the end of the series, HABIT successfully gets everything he wants from Vinny, successfully tricks him into thinking that they’re going to kill Slender Man (when in reality he wants both Evan and Vinny dead), and leaves Evan for good so that he can “evolve and change”.

Where is darkharvest00 located?

The series takes place in New Jersey, and works primarily towards uncovering the history of Slender Man.

When was EverymanHYBRID released?

March 2010
Welcome to the EverymanHYBRID Wiki! EverymanHYBRID began as an amateur fitness group that posted videos to YouTube in March 2010. The cast consisted of three college-aged guys from Central New Jersey named Vincent (main host), Evan (dietary “specialist”), and Jeff (camera and editing).

When did Everyman hybrid start?

EverymanHYBRID began as an amateur fitness group that posted videos to YouTube in March 2010. The cast consisted of three college-aged guys from Central New Jersey named Vincent (main host), Evan (dietary “specialist”), and Jeff (camera and editing).

Where can I watch EverymanHYBRID?

There’s the main everymanHYBRID YouTube channel, plus later the WickedStickyAlex channel and several one-off videos from other channels. There’s also the EMH twitter account (and later, a couple other twitter accounts) – important tweets will be reposted here in the thread.

What is DarkHarvest00?

DarkHarvest00 is a very influential Slendervlog, now considered one of the “top five”. Deriving inspiration from MarbleHornets, it has become its own story as it progressed, bringing its own concepts and flavor to the mythos and sending the overall mythology in a unique direction.

Who broke Maskys leg?

In Entry 35, the Masked Man attacks Jay and Alex and, upon Jay’s removal of the mask, it is confirmed that The Masked Man is in fact Tim. After Alex is stabbed by Tim in the leg and is denied the knife by Jay, he smashes and subsequently breaks Tim’s leg. This explains the Masked Man’s limp in Entry 33.

What is the Candleverse?

The Candleverse, also called “Candle Cove,” or “The Ark” by some, is speculated to be the other universe where the universal avatars of the cast reside while not participating in an iteration, and where their spirits reside after their deaths here.

Is EverymanHYBRID related to Marble Hornets?

An inspiration for EverymanHYBRID, Marble Hornets was the first video series in the Slender Man Mythos. It should be noted that Slenderman was not created by Marble Hornets, but by Something Awful user Victor Surge; Marble Hornets was just the first video series to use the character.

Is TribeTwelve connected to Marble Hornets?

Unlike Marble Hornets (which is seen as only a fictional series within the world of EMH), it seems that TribeTwelve and EMH share the same universe within the Mythos, resulting in small crossovers from time to time.

What happened to darkharvest00?

It reopened in 1965, and was finally condemned for demolition in 1998.

What is the relationship between habit and Evan from EverymanHYBRID?

It is unknown what the relationship is between Evan, the patient known as HABIT, and Evan, the member of the EverymanHYBRID crew, though the latter is likely a reiteration of the former.

Is habit Evan’s alternate personality?

While it was initially believed that HABIT may be an alternate personality of Evan’s, it has became clear that HABIT can possess and assume control of Evan’s body and cause him to act against the rest of the cast.

What happened to Vince in the EverymanHYBRID video breaking the lease?

In the EverymanHYBRID video Breaking the lease, HABIT becomes interested in Vince’s behavior as he begins to film things of his own accord. Vince claims that he doesn’t want to kill anymore people to survive, then tries to leave but the door is locked.

What happened to habit in wake up?

In WAKE UP, it appears that HABIT released his hold over Evan, or perhaps Evan broke it. Evan can remember the events that happened while HABIT was in control, and was shattered by what was done with his body.