What is the difference between a log cabin and a log home?

What is the difference between a log cabin and a log home?

A log home is any structure built by logs, while a log cabin is typically the smaller, more secluded, less-modern version — one of those “a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn’t a square” situations.

What style of home is a log cabin?

Although the designs vary, a common style features a sloping, single-gabled timbered roof and small windows. The interior is usually simple, with one room, perhaps partitioned, over which a loft might be built. Modern summer cottages may be built of logs (or given log-cabin siding) to achieve a rustic effect.

What are log cabin walls called?

Gable: The triangular shaped wall at the top of the log wall up to the roof peak. This can be made with logs, log siding or a siding of your choice. If the gable has a large number windows, it is advised to frame the gable and apply siding.

What should I look for in a log home?

Here are a few of their top home inspection tips when considering purchasing an existing log home or cabin:

  • Schedule a Site Visit.
  • Check the Flashing.
  • Take a Look at the Roof.
  • Think about Rain Water.
  • Ask About the Stain.
  • Make Sure There is No Rot.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Insect Damage.

Are log homes warm?

Even though logs have their own form of insulation and are considered to be four times warmer than concrete blocks, six times warmer than brick and fifteen times warmer than stone, there is still need for a secondary heat source.

How long does a log house last?

Log cabins have a long and illustrious history of longevity. They usually last twenty, thirty to even fifty years, if they are kept in good condition. They are even seen to stand for a century if they are located in a place that does not face extreme weather conditions and is properly maintained.

What are the pros and cons of a log home?

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of today’s custom log home construction:

  • PRO: Green Building Material.
  • CON: Higher Maintenance Level.
  • PRO: Energy Efficient.
  • CON: Insurance Can Be Tough To Find.
  • PRO: Available in Kits.

How do I keep bugs out of my log cabin?

For a strong line of defense, create an insecticide barrier around your cabin to deter bugs. Spray a specially formulated indoor/outdoor insect repellent along the ground or the foundation, as well as around every window and door exterior.