Where is 9 and 10 News?

Where is 9 and 10 News?

Northern Michigan’s
9&10 News is Northern Michigan’s News Leader and the home of quality entertainment programming such as Survivor, CSI, and The Big Bang Theory. 9&10 News also offers a full range of television creative production services.

What network is 9 and 10 News on?

Overview. A CBS affiliate, WWTV/WWUP-TV 9&10 News brings you 9 hours of local news every weekday plus 2 hours over the weekend. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our digital signals, WWTV-DT / WWUP-DT, can be viewed on digital broadcast channels 9.1, 10.1, and 40.1.

What channel is Fox in Traverse City?


Cadillac/Traverse City, Michigan United States
Channels Digital: 32 (UHF) Virtual: 32
Branding Local 32 (general) 9&10 News on Local 32 (news) The CW Northern Michigan (on DT2)
Affiliations 32.1: Fox 32.2: CW+ 32.3: Ion Television 32.4: Newsy 32.5: Ion Mystery 32.6: Defy TV 32.7: Bounce TV 32.8: QVC

What channel is Wotm?

channel 19
WOTM-LD is a low-power independent television station in Montevallo, Alabama, broadcasting in the Birmingham, Alabama market on channel 19….WOTM-LD.

Montevallo/Birmingham, Alabama
Channels Digital: 35 (UHF) Virtual: 19
Affiliations NewsNet (part-time)

What channel is Fox on regular TV in Michigan?

Stations for Detroit, Michigan

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
02-1 31.36 FOX
02-2 7.4 Movies!
02-3 7.5 BUZZR

Is CW on Dish Network 2021?

Can I get the CW channel on DISH Network? Once you can access satellite dish, the CW network is available on all Dish packages.

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