Who made catch in Seahawks Super Bowl?

Who made catch in Seahawks Super Bowl?

Jermaine Kearse
A hero, until he wasn’t: Jermaine Kearse relives his spectacular Super Bowl catch that faded into history. It was nearly the highlight of a Super Bowl-winning drive. But two snaps later, after a 4-yard run by Marshawn Lynch took Seattle to the 1, the Seahawks ran one of the most infamous plays in Super Bowl history.

What year was Seattle in the Super Bowl?

2014Seattle Seahawks / NFL championships

Who owns Seahawks?

The two franchises are under control of the Paul G. Allen Trust and trustee Jody Allen, the sister of the late Paul Allen, who owned both teams until his death in 2018.

What happened to Doug Baldwin?

Since retiring, Baldwin has become a father of two girls, and is working towards his masters in applied positive psychology at Penn, while also advising for Intellectual Ventures, a Bellevue-based tech incubator.

Why didn t the Seahawks run the ball in the Super Bowl?

Needing just one yard to score the go-ahead touchdown in the final minute of the game, the Seahawks opted to throw the ball—instead of feeding Beast Mode—on 2nd-and-goal. Unfortunately for them, the throw resulted in a game-sealing interception. Over time, key members of the Seahawks have shed light on the play call.

What happened to Jermell Kearse in the Super Bowl?

During the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos, Kearse had four catches for 65 yards including a 23-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter, breaking four tackles to get into the endzone. The Seahawks won 43–8, giving Kearse and the team their first Super Bowl win in franchise history.

What team did Jermaine Kearse play for?

Jermaine Levan Kearse (born February 6, 1990) is a former American football wide receiver. He played eight seasons in National Football League (NFL). He was signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2012 and later won Super Bowl XLVIII with the team, beating the Denver Broncos. Kearse played college football at Washington.

What game did Jaron Kearse catch the game-winning touchdown?

In the 2014 NFC Championship Game versus the Green Bay Packers, Kearse caught his only completion, a 35-yard game-winning overtime touchdown to give Seattle a 28–22 win after falling behind 16–0 at halftime. The victory sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row.

Who did the Seahawks trade Jermaine Kearse to?

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