What is the fastest Mercedes Brabus?

What is the fastest Mercedes Brabus?

The centerpiece of the world’s fastest luxury sedan is the BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 Biturbo increased-displacement engine. This powerplant in the bow produces a peak output of 662 kW / 900 hp and a peak torque of 1,500 Nm and accelerates the BRABUS 900 from rest to 100 km/h in impressive 3.7 seconds.

What is the fastest car made by Brabus?

Brabus 900 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Is World’s Fastest SUV | HYPEBEAST.

How much is a Brabus Rocket?

Brabus has officially unveiled a new Brabus 900 Rocket Edition this time based on the 2021 Mercedes-AMG G63 – the first G-wagon based Brabus Rocket.

How much is a Mercedes Brabus Rocket?


Gross 610.336,72 EUR
Net 512.888,00 EUR

Why is Brabus special?

By swapping the engine with a V12 with 582 bhp and 772 Nm of torque, Brabus created the fastest limousine in the world. The top speed was not limited to 250, but even 330 kilometers per hour. This restriction was there because there were no good tires for this car, with the right ones it could even go faster.

How fast is the Brabus 850 Coupe?

The result is a total of 900 horsepower and 922 pound-feet of torque, limited however to “only” 774 pound-feet. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 3.2 seconds, and top speed goes up to an impressive 205 mph. This numbers make it 5 mph faster than Brabus’ previous 850 Coupe.

How fast is a 300 km/h?

The car reaches 300 km/h (186 mph) in just 23.9 seconds. Due to the tires, the top speed is electronically limited to 330 km/h (205 mph).

What kind of engine does the new Mercedes-AMG Brabus Rocket 900 have?

The new BRABUS ROCKET 900 “ONE OF TEN” is based on the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ powered by a four-liter eight-cylinder with two turbochargers. This engine is the basis for the new BRABUS ROCKET 900 Biturbo V8 increased-displacement engine. As we all know, there is nothing to replace displacement other than more displacement.

How fast is a Lexus SPEEDSHIFT MCT Coupe?

In combination with the SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed sports transmission and all-wheel drive, the four-seat coupe slings itself from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 2.8 seconds. The car reaches 300 km/h (186 mph) in just 23.9 seconds.