What is the magic word in Beastie Bay?

What is the magic word in Beastie Bay?

You can have a max total of 30 instructors at once. Magic words are obtained by dismissing an ally, making them an instructor, going to the list of instructors, clicking one, and choosing to “share”.

Can you evolve in Beastie Bay?

They don’t evolve, though.

Where is hidden cave in Beastie Bay?

Hidden Cave B is hidden behind 4-star grass on Wide Plateau at about level 26.

How do you use the Kairo club in high sea saga?

Simply Install Kairo Club on your device and tap Bonus within High Sea Saga. Sometimes there is a random game that awards double medals. Lite games only award 25, while full games award 50, meaning with the double bonus you can get 100 medals for one game! You can only get medals for a game once.

How do you rank up in high sea saga?

A very good way of acquiring items, gold and getting higher ranks is by repeatedly exploring new sea areas and npc pirate ships, if you manage to defeat most of the enemies from the invasion and then get defeated, or get defeated during the boss fight, you may forfeit the event and retry it from the beggining, since …

How can we increase population of high sea saga?

Population represents your country’s strength, and a high population allows you to attack other countries. You can increase population by spending time at island ports and using their facilities. On your adventures, you will sometimes acquire monster eggs. Take them to a monster farm to hatch and discover new species.

How do you get more money on high sea saga?

How do you use the Kairo club in High Sea Saga?

How do you get eggs in High Sea Saga?

You can get the eggs from finishing quests. You can find one, two, and even three eggs among the items you collected in some quests. As I play High Sea Saga game, I found that some quests will always give you egg(s), while some others will only give you occasionally or rarely.

How do you get monster high in sea saga?

There are two ways to get monsters as crew members :

  1. By Hatching Eggs found on quests at a Monster Farm.
  2. By completing in-game campaigns (see #Monster Hunting below).

How do you dismiss a crew in High Sea Saga?

You can get rid of members of your crew by hitting the “Dismiss” button found at Combat Party menu (you need to scroll down). Keep in mind that it may be useful to have some crew around for working on the ship, so only dismiss crew once you’ve reached your limit, and have a replacement in mind for them.

How do you get the strongest monster in High Sea Saga?

The monster to be upgraded must be at least level 50 or more. Then other materials in the form of other monsters must be supplied. The monster materials must also have reached certain levels. After upgrading , the resulting monster level will revert back to 1 however its status will be a lot higher than before.

How do you level up fast in High Sea Saga?

How do you get egg high in sea saga?