Can we change return type in overriding C#?

Can we change return type in overriding C#?

override will be changed to: The override method must have a return type that is convertible by an identity or implicit reference conversion to the return type of the overridden base method. Currently the rule is: The override method and the overridden base method have the same return type.

Can we change return type of override method?

Java version 5.0 onwards it is possible to have different return types for an overriding method in the child class, but the child’s return type should be a subtype of the parent’s return type. The overriding method becomes variant with respect to return type.

Can we change access modifier overridden method in C#?

An override declaration cannot change the accessibility of the virtual method. Both the override method and the virtual method must have the same access level modifier. You cannot use the new , static , or virtual modifiers to modify an override method.

CAN interface have return type in C#?

Yes, you can return an interface.

Can return type be different in method overloading?

No, you cannot overload a method based on different return type but same argument type and number in java.

Should return type be same in method overloading and overriding?

In java, method overloading can’t be performed by changing return type of the method only. Return type can be same or different in method overloading. But you must have to change the parameter. Return type must be same or covariant in method overriding.

Does method overriding depend on return type?

The overriding method has the same name, number and type of parameters, and return type as the method that it overrides. An overriding method can also return a subtype of the type returned by the overridden method. This subtype is called a covariant return type.

Do overridden methods have to have the same return type?

A subclass’ overriding method should match its superclass or subclass’ return type if the overriding method returns the same type. Underlining methods in subclasses should not override methods in the parent class and vice versa. A developer can only use the covariant return type for object types, not primitive ones.

Can overridden method have different access type?

Yes, an overridden method can have a different access modifier but it cannot lower the access scope. Methods declared public in a superclass also must be public in all subclasses. Methods declared protected in a superclass must either be protected or public in subclasses; they cannot be private.

Why method overloading is not possible by changing return type?

In java, method overloading is not possible by changing the return type of the method only because of ambiguity.

Can a function return an interface?

Pedantically, but crucially, it does not return an interface. It returns an object reference.

What is covariant return type in C#?

Covariant return types is a feature that enables you to override a method of a base class with a method in the derived class to return a more specific type. Earlier versions of C# did not allow returning a different type (than its base version) in an overridden method of a derived class. This changes in C# 9.

Why method overloading is not possible by changing the return type of method only?

What will be the return type of overriding method will it be same or varies?

The basic rule for overriding a method in Java is that the new overriding method in derived class should have same signature as of Base class’s method. But there is on exception to this rule i.e. Overriding method can have different return type but this new type should be, A Non-Primitive.

What happens if we change the arguments of overriding method?

4) What happens if we change the arguments of overriding method? If we change the arguments of overriding method, then that method will be treated as overloaded not overridden.

Can overloaded methods have different return types C#?

The compiler does not consider the return type while differentiating the overloaded method. But you cannot declare two methods with the same signature and different return type. It will throw a compile-time error. If both methods have the same parameter types, but different return type, then it is not possible.

Does return type matters in overloading?

Return type does not matter while overloading a method. We just need to ensure there is no ambiguity! The only way Java can know which method to call is by differentiating the types of the argument list.

Can we extend functional interface?

A functional interface can extends another interface only when it does not have any abstract method.

Should return type be same in overriding?

Yes. It is possible for overridden methods to have different return type . But the limitations are that the overridden method must have a return type that is more specific type of the return type of the actual method.