Can you clear Karthspire?

Can you clear Karthspire?

It is easier to clear it right before that quest, as Delphine and Esbern will help. The surrounding area has a very high dragon spawn rate, especially when fast traveling to the camp. An easy way to clear the camp is to allow a dragon to kill the Forsworn, or vice versa.

What is the second puzzle in Skuldafn Temple?

To clarify, when viewing the stones from the lever’s point of view, they will read “hawk, hawk, hawk” for the first pull, then “hawk, snake, hawk” for the second pull. This is the solution, as the two outside turnstones need to match the keystones right next to them.

What is the code for Alduin’s temple?

The door puzzle is a combination door requiring the Diamond Claw. The combination on the palm of the claw is, from top to bottom: fox, moth, dragon.

How do you open the door in the Sky Haven Temple?

Use your blood to unlock Sky Haven Temple. Approach the seal, interact with it, and wait for your character to feed the blood seal by cutting a palm. The gigantic stone head will then retract; granting you access to the former blades headquarters of Sky Haven Temple.

What is the second code for Bleak Falls Barrow?

snake, snake, swordfish
The correct sequence is: snake, snake, swordfish. Pull the lever once you’ve set this pattern to open the gate.

How do I get to the karthspire?

The entrance to the Karthspire is located above the camp on the western side of the river. A copy of the Block skill book A Dance in Fire, v2 can be found over a crate inside one of the lower tents in the camp. If the quest Alduin’s Wall has been started, a dragon will spawn here.

Where is karthspire camp in Skyrim?

Karthspire is a cave in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located east of Markarth in The Reach and within a mountain nestled in the river valley that contains Karthspire Camp. Upon arrival to Karthspire, the Dragonborn will be greeted by Forsworn that surround the entrance.

How do I solve the second puzzle in the dragonborn?

The second puzzle is with labeled pressure plates. Flames will shoot up through the holes in the panels if the Dragonborn steps on any pressure plate, other than the plate with the Dragonborn symbol. Activating the chain at the pillar in the back of the room will disable the floor traps. Any followers, other than Delphine or Esbern, should wait.