How old is Jon Wurster?

How old is Jon Wurster?

55 years (October 31, 1966)Jon Wurster / Age

Why did best show leave WFMU?

Freedman once offered Scharpling a salary, but WFMU couldn’t pay him a rate comparable to what he’d make as a professional radio host elsewhere, and the station and Scharpling dropped the idea. Scharpling would also have felt uncomfortable accepting money from WFMU, he said.

Who voices marty in Steven universe?

Jon Wurster is the voice of Marty in Steven Universe.

Is Tom scharpling married?

Terre T.Tom Scharpling / Spouse
Personal life. Until mid-2020 Scharpling lived in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey with his wife, fellow WFMU DJ Terre T. As of January 2021, he lives in Los Angeles with his current girlfriend Julia Vickerman. He has been a pescatarian since approximately 1994, and almost never consumes alcohol.

Who does the best show theme song?

Mr. and Mrs. Paycheck
The show’s slogan is “three hours of mirth, music, and mayhem.”…

The Best Show with Tom Scharpling
Genre Talk, Comedy, Music
Opening theme “Best Show Theme” by Mr. and Mrs. Paycheck

Who voices Sour Cream Su?

Brian Posehn
Steven Universe (TV Series 2013–2020) – Brian Posehn as Sour Cream, Person at Dance, Zombie – IMDb.

Who does the voice of Greg universe?

Tom ScharplingGreg Universe / Voiced by

Who is the voice of Stevens Dad?

Tom Scharpling was born on February 9, 1969. He is a producer and actor, known for Steven Universe …

Where is Hüsker Dü from?

Saint Paul, MNHüsker Dü / Origin

Is Bob Mould a good guitar player?

Personally, I’d say that he is an incredible (as well as frequently overlooked) guitarist. I mean, the guitar tone on Zen Arcade is incredible; never before have I heard guitar work that was so intense and noisy.

How tall is Brian posehn?

6′ 7″Brian Posehn / Height

How old is Brian posehn?

56 years (July 6, 1966)Brian Posehn / Age

Who voices Steven and Greg Fusion?

Ted Leo as Steg, the fusion of Steven and Greg Universe.

What is Jonathan Wurster famous for?

Jonathan Patrick Wurster (born October 31, 1966) is an American drummer and comedy writer. As a musician, he is best known for his work with Superchunk, the Mountain Goats, and Bob Mould. He is also known for appearing on The Best Show with Tom Scharpling.

What is the history of Jonny Wurster?

In 1983 Wurster booked Philadelphia punk band The Dead Milkmen’s first ever show (at the Harleysville Senior Adult Activity Center). Wurster was later name checked in “Stuart”, a song from the Milkmen’s 1988 album Beelzebubba (“You know that Jonny Wurster kid, the kid that delivers papers In the neighborhood?

Are Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster punk genuises?

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