How old is Pucca and Garu 2022?

How old is Pucca and Garu 2022?

Pucca is a 11 year old girl ( 11 since “Slam Bam Birthday Bash”) with an unstoppable love for Garu. Garu is a 13 year old ninja ( 13 since “The Cursed Tie”) ninja whose main goal in life is to restore honor to his family.

Are Pucca and Garu chinese?

She is a South Korean superhuman girl who is constantly trying to hug or kiss a ninja-in-training named Garu.

How old is Pucca in love recipe?

Pucca is the series’ title character. She is an 10-11 year old (12-13 in Season 3) Korean girl who loves Garu.

How old is ching?

Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis – The Loop

Age 11
Gender Female
Resides Sooga Village
Professional information

How old is Dada from Pucca?

Dada (다다 Dada) is a luckless, clumsy 14 year old dishwasher and waiter at the Goh-Rong restaurant. He is nervous and high-strung, which frequently leads to accidents around the kitchen….Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop.

Gender Male
Age 14
Favorite food Noodles
Love interest Ring Ring

How old is ABYO?

12 year old boy
Abyo is one of the main characters in the Pucca series. Abyo is a very outgoing, competitive, stubborn, energetic, and excitable 12 year old boy. He’s Garu’s best friend, and he’s also good friends with Pucca and Ching.

What is pucca fighting Garu?

What is Pucca Fighting Garu? Pucca Fighting Garu is our latest 2 player fighting challenge that you can find only here on, where today dear friends we are bringing for you a very special and very interesting fighing game, in which you will have to make sure that you will be able to fight with Pucca against Garu.

Is Garu in love with pucca?

Haa! Garu (가루 Garu) is a confident, skilled and serious ninja-in-training who is the unwilling love interest of Pucca in a number of e-cards, web animations, games, the Pucca TV show made by Jetix, and Pucca: Love Recipe.

What kind of game is Pucca Power Up?

Pucca Power Up is a game for the portable DS console developed by Rising Star Games, based on the Pucca series. Pucca Power Up, a platform game for the DS in which we go through several stages and can play both as fellow Pucca and Garu.

How many episodes are in the original Pucca Power Up?

Pucca Power Up features six episodes following central characters Pucca and Garu through their adventurous love story. This quirky mismatch between the daughter of a noodle seller and a ninja challenges players to help Pucca and Garu on their quest for true love.