What human rights does child soldiers violate?

What human rights does child soldiers violate?

“Child victims who have been forced or lured into armed groups suffer a broad range of human rights violations and abuses, including their right to life, right to not be subjected to sexual violence or other forms of torture, right to education and right to freedom of thought conscience and religion,” said Saeed Mokbil …

Does Colombia use child soldiers?

Colombia has the highest percentage of ex-combatant children in the world. It is estimated that 11-16,000 Colombian boys and girls are participating in armed groups in Colombia’s long-standing civil war.

Which country is said to have been the first to use child soldiers?

The first modern use of child soldiers in the region was actually during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. Iranian law, based on the Koranic sharia, had forbid the recruitment of children under 16 into the armed forces.

What are the 14 countries that use child soldiers?

In which countries are child soldiers used? Evidence suggests that child soldiers are active in at least 14 countries: Afghanistan, Burma, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, DR Congo, India, Iraq, Philippines, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Thailand and Yemen.

What is the issue of child soldiers?

Regardless of how children are recruited and of their roles, child soldiers are victims, whose participation in conflict bears serious implications for their physical and emotional well-being. They are commonly subject to abuse and most of them witness death, killing, and sexual violence.

Why does Colombia use child soldiers?

The three sides to the conflict are guerillas, national security units, and paramilitaries. Human Rights Watch found that child guerrillas are used to collect intelligence, make and deploy mines, and serve as advance troops in ambush attacks against paramilitaries, soldiers, and police officers.

What roles do child soldiers have?

Child soldiers are boys and girls who are often abducted and used as combatants, forced to act as human shields or conduct executions, deployed as suicide bombers, or used to make or transport explosives. Other roles include working as guards, spies, messengers, porters, cooks or domestic servants.

Why Should child soldiers be forgiven?

The most important reason why child soldiers should be granted amnesty is because it is not their will to commit these crimes, it is simply being forced into act they would never commit unless their life was on the line.

How many child soldiers died in Colombia?

Between 1985 and 2020 over 7,400 Colombian minors were forcibly recruited, and around 16,000 children were killed in the conflict.

Should child soldiers be forgiven of their crimes?

International human rights and child protection experts generally see child soldiers as the victims instead of perpetrators of such crimes. Some experts argue that accountability for war crimes committed by children should be placed squarely on the adults who recruit them.

Why should child soldiers not be forgiven?

Child soldiers should not be held responsible for their crimes because they are forced to commit crimes. For example, a child soldier would be told to kill a person even if it was an old lady. They would just brainwash them and tell them to do it.

What is the main cause of child soldiers?

Children become part of an armed force or group for various reasons. Some are abducted, threatened, coerced or manipulated by armed actors. Others are driven by poverty, compelled to generate income for their families. Still others associate themselves for survival or to protect their communities.

What duties might a child soldier have to perform?

Thousands of children are serving as soldiers in armed conflicts around the world. These boys and girls, some as young as 8 years old, serve in government forces and armed opposition groups. They may fight on the front lines, participate in suicide missions, and act as spies, messengers, or lookouts.