What is DFDE engine?

What is DFDE engine?

Abbreviation for Dual Fuel Diesel Electric, a type of propulsion system used for LNG carriers. DFDE consumes heavy oil and natural gas in a diesel cycle to generate electricity. This electricity is used to drive the propeller for propulsion of the vessel, as well as to operate equipment for regasification.

What is a Megi engine?

M-type, Electronically Controlled Gas Injection (MEGI) engine. The MEGI diesel engine applies the principle of non-premixed combustion (the Diesel principle).

How does a dual fuel engine work?

How Does Dual Fuel Work? In dual fuel mode, natural gas is introduced into the engine’s intake system. The air-to-natural gas mixture is then drawn into the cylinder, just as it would be in a spark-ignited engine, but with a leaner air-to-fuel ratio.

What is gas fuel or tri fuel propulsion?

The Tri-fuel engine technology is already present in the marine market and is mainly used for LNG ships with marine diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) used together as marine fuels. This concept was introduced by Wartsila and MAN for gas carrier ships.

Can cargo ships run on natural gas?

The natural gas that fuels dual fuel engines is carried on ships as a boiling liquid and transported at slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. When tank insulation is penetrated by an influx of heat, it causes the temperature of the liquefied natural gas to rise which allows for vaporization from liquid to gas.

Is LPG better than diesel?

Are LPG cars better for the environment? Yes. When LPG burns it creates up to 80% less NO2 than a diesel and around 5-7 times less than a petrol. LPG produces less CO2 and NO2 compared to petrol and diesel.

What is the advantage of dual fuel engine?

Potential advantages of dual-fuel engines include diesel-like efficiency and brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) with much lower emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter. New technologies offer solutions to the problems of poor efficiency and emissions at light load.

What is Megi ship?

MEGI vessels are designed to be significantly more fuel-efficient and have lower emission levels than other engines currently being used in LNG shipping. Operating a MEGI class LNG ship should see a significant saving in overall operational cost to any Owner and Charterer.

Can LNG be used in diesel engines?

Dual fuel engines are based on diesel engines. The engines have been converted so they can also be powered by LNG fuel. The fuel is a mix of 80% LNG and 20% diesel.

Is LNG more efficient than diesel?

The average price of propane for over that time period was $18/MMBTU – 12.5 percent higher. During that same time, diesel prices were nine percent higher than LNG. While fuel prices are always subject to change, LNG is generally the more economical option of the three.

Can ships run on hydrogen?

Going under the concept name “Topeka: base to base”, the vessels will be the first of their kind to enter commercial service in 2024. The two vessels are identical and will be powered by liquid hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells.

What fuel do most cargo ships use?

Nearly all cargo ships use diesel combustion engines to turn the propellers, plus diesel generators that power onboard lighting systems and communications equipment. Many vessels still burn heavy bunker fuel, a viscous, carbon-intensive petroleum product that’s left from the crude oil refining process.

What is a dual-fuel diesel electric (DFDE)?

They can burn both diesel oil and gas, improving vessel efficiency compared to the steam turbine (ST) propulsion vessels that have long dominated LNG shipping. DFDE (Dual-Fuel Diesel Electric).

What is DFDE and why is it used?

DFDE has been commonly employed as the main engine for newbuild Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) since substantial electricity is required for operating regasification equipment. Powerships® also adopt DFDE to generate electricity for the shoreside.

Is it easier for DFDE LNGS operators to find crews?

However, it might be a bit easier for DFDE LNGS operators to find crews. The dual fuel diesel engines basically work on the same principles as regular medium speed engines. The dual fuel system is not very complicated to understand and has been in marine operations for a few years now.