Now TV is a television viewing website that gives you access to a large variety of shows. These shows range from those big shows you never want to miss, to sports, to children’s television. With no contracts or anything to tie you down, you can watch what you want, when you want, on your own terms. This is incredibly more convenient than Netflix and Hulu as those sites require you to sign a contract. Now TV can be easily accessible on up to 60 devices through one of their apps. Check out their website today to sign up for your Now TV account today or find their contact number on Flaptor!

Now TV offers a variety of passes in which you can utilize to watch your favorite shows. The Free Trial Pass allows you access shows on eleven different channels which you will not be able to access on Freeview. The Free Trial is fourteen days long and then you will be charged until it is cancelled. The Cinema Pass allows unlimited movie access with over 1,000 movies to see in addition to a new premiere each day. This is also a fourteen day, free period. The final free period is the Kids Pass. The kids will have access to the most popular kids television shows which they can watch live as well as On Demand. They can access the show on any mobile device television. This free trial lasts fourteen days. The Now TV Sports Pass does cost a fee however, you can access the best sporting moments provided through Sky Sports.

As mentioned before, you are able to access your Now TV account on a variety of devices. Whether you have a cinema pass, entertainment, or sports pass, you can watch online, on a mobile device, or on your television. You can access it through an app or the Now TV box. You can access Now TV on laptops on computers. Windows 8.1 and above will play the app. You can use any web browser. Tablets and smartphones are also eligible to access Now TV. You can watch it on Apple iOS, iPad, Windows Tablets, etc. Gaming consoles including: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, are all valid devices in which you can watch Now TV on. YouView is a set-top box similar to Roku, EE TV, and Apple TV. Smart Devices such as LG, Smart TV’s, Blu-rays, Chromecast, and Rokue Streaming Stick are all ways in which you can watch your favorite shows through Now TV. The only devices that are not supported include the Kindle Fire HD and the Ninentdo Wii.

There is also such a thing as the Now TV Combo. This is another non-contract option which Now TV offers. You can get unlimited and reliable broadband which will quickly act as the best TV. You won’t find that on Freeview! Nor will you find the Now TV Smart Box. At least not without a contract! The importance of not being locked into a contract means you can cancel at any given time without a penalty.

Now TV is an incredibly smart option to go with if you are in the market for a new television browsing site and application. Now TV is wonderful because of the multiple free trial packages and tickets it offers, the variety of television shows, the fact that it is a non-contract site, and the amount of devices in which you can access your shows on. Visit Now TV’s website for more information on the different tickets as well as the frequently asked questions for further information. Join Now TV today for unlimited TV!