Can you have a fireplace in a corner?

Can you have a fireplace in a corner?

Can I have one? Essentially, the answer is yes. ‘There are so many options these days, you aren’t limited by traditional requirements anymore, anyone can have a corner fireplace’, says interior designer Christina Carleton.

What is the lever on the left side of the fireplace for?

Also, some wood burning fireplaces have a lever to open or close the outside air vent to the fireplace. If your fireplace has this lever (usually located on the left inside panel) make sure the outside air vent is in the open (or up) position. The outside air kit is designed to provide additional air for combustion.

Do two sided fireplaces work?

Apart from being a fabulous designer feature, double-sided fireplaces are also a great way to break up space while sustaining visual and light flow between two areas. However, like most things in life, there are both pros and cons to this type of fireplace.

Are two sided fireplaces efficient?

There are many benefits of a double-sided gas fireplace: Modern and simplistic in design. Heat economy – As they are usually positioned in between two rooms or spaces, they can heat two rooms simultaneously. Energy efficiency – Heat medium to large-sized rooms efficiently due to central positioning.

What is a see-through fireplace?

The Heatilator gas see-through series adds architectural interest to every home, offering dramatic viewing of the fire from two separate rooms. The design possibilities for dividing a space is made easy. Add architectural interest to your space with a 36″ viewing area. One fireplace creates ambiance in two rooms.

What is a 2 way fireplace?

Open on one side or both to create a feature for your home entertaining area. The double sided, wood burning fireplace designed by Chazelles allows you to extend the enjoyment of a wooden log fire in more than one living room or space in the home.

Can you see through a double sided fireplace?

no one could see through but every sound carried, it was completely unpleasant. there is no reason not to do back to back (or side to side) fireplaces, the chimney would have the flu from each firebox.

What is a see through fireplace?

How do I decorate a room with a corner fireplace?

Make the Corner Fireplace your Focal Point Decorate the fireplace first, and style the rest of the room in a way that completely ties back to the hearth. Ideally, all your furniture should be facing towards the fireplace. Keep in mind that the furniture layout is the one that directs the footpath in the interior.

How to decorate a corner fireplace?

Since this wood burning stove is black, the white touches contrast to make the surrounding area pop even more. Add in a few décor pieces such as white vases, white flowers and other light and natural fixtures is sure to give this corner fireplace design a brighter facelift. 5. Simple Electric Corner Fireplace for a Cozy Atmosphere

What is the difference between a wood-burning and gas fireplace?

Corner installations are usually much simpler with gas fireplaces than with wood-burning models. Gas fireplaces tend to have a shallower physical footprint in comparison to wood-burning units.

What to do with stacked wood next to a wood burning stove?

The stacked wood next to the woodburning stove is for decorative purposes, but also adds a coziness vibe to the room. Since this corner fireplace is in such a focal area of the home, you can do so much with the design.

What is an angled corner fireplace?

To keep them straight, we’ll call them the two-sided corner fireplace and the angled corner fireplace. This type of fireplace is basically a rectangle installed in a 90-degree corner of a wall. Unlike a traditional fireplace that has only the front exposed, these models have glass faces on two sides.