How do you make a knitted nursing cover?

How do you make a knitted nursing cover?


  1. Start with a piece of knit (stretchy) fabric 30 inches by about 60 inches wide.
  2. Fold the fabric in half so it’s 30 X 30.
  3. On one of the sides mark the half way point (15 inches) and pin from the open edges just so the fabric stays in place.
  4. Sew from the open edge towards the fold 15inches.
  5. Now you’re done.

How much fabric do I need to make a nursing cover?

1 1/2 yard of fabric – I like to use something lightweight, like a quilter cotton or a linen fabric. Avoid stretchy fabrics for this particular project. 14 inches of boning – you can head to your local craft store and buy this by the yard. Sewing machine – I love this basic and inexpensive sewing machine.

Can I use scarf as nursing cover?

The nursing scarf. This style can be worn around the neck when you’re not nursing, and then draped across your shoulders and over baby’s head when it’s time to feed.

How do you discreetly nurse in public?

It’s easy to breastfeed discreetly in public if you wear the right clothes. A loose-fitting shirt or top that lifts or can be unbuttoned from the waist will let you feed your baby without exposing your breast, because the baby will cover the nipple and lower breast.

Is it OK to breastfeed in public?

During your baby’s first few days, you may prefer to breastfeed only where you feel most comfortable. But, as you get more used to doing it, you’re likely to feel more confident about breastfeeding in front of other people when you’re out and about. Most people support women breastfeeding in public.

Can I use a muslin as a nursing cover?

If you are considering breastfeeding your baby then a large muslin makes an ideal nursing cover. We don’t think that any mums should be made to feel that they need to cover up but many prefer to.

Should you wake a newborn to feed?

Until your newborn regains this lost weight — usually within one to two weeks after birth — it’s important to feed him or her frequently. This might mean occasionally waking your baby for a feeding, especially if he or she sleeps for a stretch of more than four hours.

How do you fold a nursing cover?

On to the main body of the nursing cover… With your main body rectangle of fabric, fold and press upper edge (if your fabric has a definite pattern, ensure you know which side should be at the top!) ½” toward wrong side of fabric. This should be your 40” long edge. Fold and press again ½”. 5.

How do you sew nursing covers with straps?

First, take your short strap with the d-rings and sew it as shown below directly to the right of the boning on the inside of the cover. Then, sew the long strap on the left side of the boning just as you did with the d-ring strap. This ensures that the straps are secure and will not come off the nursing cover when you pull it to tighten the straps.

What do I need to make a nursing cover?

A stylish and practical nursing cover. The dimensions are slightly larger than most nursing covers, which gives added coverage and less chance of someone getting an uninvited sneak peek! You will need: 1.25 yd fabric (home décor weight works best) 16” boning – in fabric casing – can be found in local fabric shops or online here(affiliate link)

Do you use 16″ boning for nursing covers?

I have made several nursing covers (we call them HOOTER HIDERS!) and the feedback I am getting is: do use the 16″ boning. Some of the tutorials call for 12″ , some 14″, etc. My DIL says she ‘fights’ with the 12 in one and tends to not use it. I am redoing the boning for her in that one, although I hadn’t made it originally.