What is the meaning of EUTR?

What is the meaning of EUTR?

The European Timber Regulation (EUTR) aims to stop the trade of illegal timber through banning placing illegally harvested timber on the EU market. It came into force in 2013 and has been adopted by all member states of the European Union together with Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

What is a EUTR certificate?

Timber certification The 2013 European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) requires “operators” (introducers of timber or derived products on the European Union market) to apply “due diligence” for all imported timber products.

What EUTR compliant?

The EUTR prohibits the activities of placing illegally harvested timber and timber products onto the EU market. It requires that operators, including importers, manufacturers, retailers, and traders, exercise due diligence to ensure the legality of timber and timber products.

Is logging illegal in Australia?

It is a criminal offence to import illegally logged timber into Australia. If you believe your wood, pulp or paper product may include illegally logged timber, you should not import it. If you do, and the product has come from illegal sources, you could face significant financial penalties and even prison time.

Is EUTR the same as FSC?

EUTR is not as wide ranging as FSC®/PEFC, as the ‘illegally harvested’ regulation depends on the regulation of the country where the timber was felled. Therefore, there are relatively weak rules around indigenous people protection and the science of forestry management.

What is EUTR document?

The EUTR covers a range of timber products such as solid wood products, flooring, plywood, pulp and paper that are listed the EUTR’s Annex. The EUTR does not cover recycled products, as well as printed papers such as books, magazines and newspapers. The product scope can however be amended.

Are there any laws regulating logging deforestation in Australia?

Australia’s laws These laws are set out in the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 and the Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation 2012. If you import wood, pulp or paper products into Australia, or process Australian grown raw logs, these laws affect you.

What do logging companies do?

Logging equipment operators use tree harvesters to fell trees, shear off tree limbs, and cut trees into desired lengths. They drive tractors and operate self-propelled machines called skidders or forwarders, which drag or otherwise transport logs to a loading area.

Is FSC better than PEFC?

Whilst FSC® sets specific standards, PEFC is more of an umbrella brand incorporating different national certification schemes. Ultimately the end goals are the same. Both provide schemes to protect forests and ensure end users get the responsibly sourced timber they requested.

Is there illegal logging in Australia?

Who owns forests in Australia?

In Australia the states and territories are responsible for managing forests. Guidance is primarily provided by the 1992 National Forest Policy Statement (NFPS). The NFPS allows for the inclusion of Regional Forest Agreements, which are 20-year plans for the management of native forests.

What does 70% PEFC certified mean?

PEFC certified label You can use this label on-product when at least 70% of the forest and tree based material included in your product is PEFC certified. Any remaining material must be from PEFC controlled sources, ensuring there is no forest and tree based material from controversial sources in your product.

What is the punishment for illegal logging?

Section 77 of PD 705, Unlawful possession of implements and devices used by forest officers, states that offenders will be imprisoned for up to four years and pay a maximum fine of P10,000.

Is Amazon logging illegal?

Illegal logging in the Amazon While laws exist which authorize logging in designated areas, illegal logging is widespread in Brazil and several Amazon countries. A study by a Brazilian commission showed that 80% of all logging in the Amazon was illegal during the late 90s2.

Which Australian state has the most forests?

Forest area ​Queensland has the largest area of Australia’s forest (51.8 million hectares—39% of Australia’s forest), with the Northern Territory (23.7 million hectares—18%), Western Australia (21.0 million hectares—16%)​, and New South Wales (20.4 million hectares—15%), making up much of the balance.

Which Australian state has the most trees?

Queensland has the largest proportion of Australia’s total forest area (41 per cent), followed by New South Wales (18 per cent) (Table 1).

What is due diligence and how does it relate to timber?

They must implement a due diligence system to assess any risk that their product contains illegally sourced timber. Operators include importers of timber products and EU based foresters.

What is required by the EUTR?

So, it is fairly simple what is required by the EUTR, however, the EU prefers not to offer guidance on how a business implements this. It is understood businesses will be operating under very different circumstances, so how they gather and assess data from their supply chain will differ.

What is the radix tree due diligence tool?

RADIX Tree is an online platform that businesses of all size can utilise for their due diligence requirements. RADIX Tree enables you to connect with your supply chain partners – much like a social network – to share and collect vital sustainability information on your products, using our dedicated EUTR template for ease and scalability.