Where does Fargoth hide his gold?

Where does Fargoth hide his gold?

He keeps it in a hollow treestump in a muck pond in town. Hrisskar was grateful that I found the money that Fargoth had been hiding.

Should you give Fargoth the ring?

The choice is to keep the ring, (though this is ill-advised as it is given back anyway during the next quest, Fargoth’s Hiding Place, and the quest can’t be completed), or give it back to him. Give it back and he will put in a good word for to Arrille of Arrille’s Tradehouse, the only trader in town.

Should I buy the ring from Vodunius?

He is trying to sell a cursed ring of his to get the drakes he needs but nobody would buy it. From there, one choice is to buy the ring for 100 drakes or choose to save the money. If the ring is not bought, it can always be bought again by talking to Vodunius.

How to find Fargoth’s hiding Place?

If you wait at the top of the lighthouse until at least 10pm, you can watch Fargoth sneak to his secret hiding spot in the hollow treestump in the mud pool behind Teruise Girvayne’s house.

Who is Fargoth?

Fargoth is a Bosmer Commoner living in the town of Seyda Neen.

How do you use Ring of Healing?

Similar to other spells, you should add your upper slot in the Memorize Spell section at a Site of Grace. Then, you should equip a Seal as your weapon and as you use Seal to attack, the character will apply the Urgent Heal on themselves.

How do you tell time in Morrowind?

You can attempt to check the current game time by pressing the rest button (default T), and any journal entries will have a timestamp with the day and month they were added. The rest menu will show the current hour, day, month, and days passed, but not the current year.

Does Morrowind have a level cap?

Major skills start out at 30 and Minor skills start out at 15, which means you potentially have 775 skill increases that count towards level (making level 78 the maximum level possible without cheating). However, most characters have additional bonuses to these skills at character creation, from specialty or race.

Is Morrowind good 2022?

Purists will balk, but the fact of the matter is that Morrowind is a truly great game that benefits from a little bit of help in 2022. That being the case, I’ve decided to mostly focus on Morrowind mods that improve or upgrade the original experience in some way rather than completely reimagine it.

What spells does fargoth know?

Fargoth is wearing a common shirt with matching pants, shoes, and ring. He is also carrying a torch, a jug, and a small amount of leveled gold. Aside from his natural resistance to disease, and the ability to command animals, he knows no spells. Fargoth’s Ring: Return a missing ring and win favor with the owner and his friends.

Where can I find fargoth’s house key?

While Fargoth has a house in town, he never visits it. No corresponding key exists, though the door is locked. Inside, you can find a stash of alcohol in a cupboard, which you can sell for a reasonable amount of gold. If the Entertainers official plugin is installed, a copy of I’m My Own Grandpa can also be found.

What happened to fargoth’s ring?

In Oblivion ‘s Shivering Isles, Fargoth’s Ring was at some point planned to be added and would have been known simply as Heirloom Ring. It was ultimately scrapped, with the id “SEFargothRing” left in reference to it.