Where can I find Civil War Soldier Records?

Where can I find Civil War Soldier Records?

Military Service Records: Paper copies of Civil War military service records can be requested by mail using an NATF Form 86 for each soldier (Volunteer Army or Regular Army). You can obtain the NATF Form 86 by providing your name and mailing address to www.archives.gov/contact/inquire-form.html.

Who were the cavalry in the Civil War?

Cavalry were forces that fought principally on horseback, armed with carbines, pistols, and sabers. Only a small percentage of Civil War forces met this definition—primarily Union mounted forces in the Eastern Theater during the first half of the war.

Were there any battles fought in Alabama during the Civil War?

Though Alabama did not have any major battles within its borders, it did contribute about 120,000 white men to the Confederate armed forces. Most served with others from their local areas.

How many Americans have ancestors who fought in the Civil War?

It is estimated that there are as many as 70 million Americans whose forefathers fought for the South 150 years ago.

What was the largest cavalry battle of the Civil War?

The Battle of Brandy Station
The Battle of Brandy Station on June 9, 1863 was the largest cavalry engagement in American history and had a profound impact on the Gettysburg Campaign.

How many Alabama men died fighting for the Confederacy in the war?

Some 35,000 of the 122,000 Alabamians who served in the war died. Following the collapse of the Confederacy and the refusal of the state legislature to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (that granted citizenship to former slaves), Alabama was placed under military rule in 1867.

Where was the Civil War fought in Alabama?

Even before secession, the governor of Alabama defied the United States government by seizing the two federal forts at the Gulf Coast (forts Morgan and Gaines) and the arsenal at Mount Vernon in January 1861 to distribute weapons to Alabama towns….Alabama in the American Civil War.

Restored to the Union July 13, 1868

How do I find out if my ancestors served in the Civil War?

Even if you only know the state in which your Civil War ancestor served, most states compiled and published a list of the soldiers in each unit from that state. These can often be found at libraries with a local history or genealogical collection. Some lists have also been partially published online.

Were there any Confederate units in Alabama during Civil War?

This is a list of Alabama Civil War Confederate Units . Private John P. Alldredge of Co. A, 48th Alabama Infantry Regiment Prattville Dragoons (priorly Co. I, 7th Alabama Infantry) Gid. Nelson Alabama Artillery Battery Jeff.

What units were in the 14th Alabama Cavalry?

Davis Alabama Artillery Battery 14th Alabama Cavalry Battalion, Partisan Rangers; Malone’s Brigade (Consolidated with the 19th Cavalry Battalion, folded into the 7th, then 9th, Alabama Cavalry, fought under Gen. Wheeler the entire war) Dyer, Frederick Henry.

Where can I find information about the Civil War?

Learn about resources at the National Archives for researching individuals who served in the Civil War. You can order online or use NATF Form 86 for military service records and NATF Form 85 for pension records. Use our online tool, DocsTeach, for teaching with primary source documents from the National Archives.