Can you swim in Copeton Dam?

Can you swim in Copeton Dam?

Fishing, swimming and boating is not allowed in the safety exclusion zone around the dam wall. Keep to vehicle speed limits and be aware of pedestrians.

When was copeton dam last full?

While good inflows in 2010 have allowed some recovery of dam levels after a decade of drought, Copeton Dam has not been full since 2000. A series of weirs and regulators assist in the diversion of water to the various watercourses of the lower Gwydir catchment.

Can you have a camp fire at Copeton Dam?

The Inland Water Holiday Park is nothing short of amazing. Here you can camp as hard as you want away from others, camp on the water’s edge, have grassy sites, near facilities, fires are allowed and with 24km of water frontage on 1000 acres, there is somewhere for everybody.

Is copeton Dam free to camping?

This is a Free Camping area provided by Inverell Council. There are no facilities here but the alternative is the Northern Foreshores Camping area which has basic facilities and powered sites available.

What fish do you catch in Copeton Dam?

Copeton Dam is renown as a top Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Redfin & Eel-Tailed Catfish fishery with possibly a remnant trout from past stockings. Rainbow Trout are still taken in Gwydir River downstream of Copeton Dam. Upstream of the lake is some pristine gorge country that holds the odd Cod & Yellowbelly.

Is copeton Dam Road sealed?

The Copeton Dam Road is a sealed road in New South Wales. It starts near Inverell. The Copeton Dam Road’s highest elevation along its length is 803m (highlight point | zoom to point) and the lowest point is at 561m (highlight point | zoom to point).

Is there a town under Copeton Dam?

In 1994, the drought had caused the water level in the Copeton Dam, near Inverell NSW, to fall to such an extent that the long submerged sites of the small towns of Copeton and Dasey Town and their cemeteries reappeared.

How much water is in Copeton Dam now?

Regional NSW dams and valleys

Storage (recorded date) Storage Capacity (ML) Current Volume (ML)
Copeton Dam Mon Jul 4 2022 1,345,510 1,337,589
Glenbawn Dam Mon Jul 4 2022 748,827 750,264
Glennies Creek Dam Mon Jul 4 2022 282,303 280,684
Hume Dam Mon Jul 4 2022 2,982,000 2,799,837

Can you hire a boat at Copeton Dam?

There are six person fishing boats for hire throughout the year and boat ramps are readily available. In front of the centre is an Adventure Playground, Splash Park & Giant Jumping Pillow, very popular with kids of all ages.

What fish can you catch at Copeton Dam?

Where can I camp at Copeton Dam?

Copeton Northern Foreshores campground is located on the picturesque foreshores of Copeton Dam, 17 kilometres from Inverell. The site is nestled amongst a Flora and Fauna reserve and is operated as a primitive camping area.

Is there carp in Copeton Dam?

Carp are one of the key dietary items for Copeton dam Murray cod, but spangled perch are also on the menu. Get there early, you don’t want to miss the predawn period.

Are there yabbies in Copeton Dam?

Big Neil in the Hawkesbury there are no Yabbies. There are prawns in river, but only in the warmer months.

Is Copeton Dam full?

Copeton Dam is full for the first time since 2012. The dam is now spilling, with flows increasing to 10,000 megaliters per day.

What is the current level of Copeton Dam?

Regional NSW dams and valleys

Storage (recorded date) Storage Capacity (ML) Percent Full %
Burrinjuck Dam Sat Jun 11 2022 1,024,750 86.9
Carcoar Dam Fri Jun 10 2022 35,917 100.3
Chaffey Dam Sat Jun 11 2022 100,509 100.3
Copeton Dam Sat Jun 11 2022 1,345,510 99.4

How full are Menindee Lakes now?

The lakes are now filled to 101% capacity with 1,650 gigalitres of water, about three-and-half times the volume of Sydney Harbour.

Is there water in the Menindee lakes now?

Is there water in Menindee Lakes at the moment?

What is there to do at Copeton waters?

Copeton Waters has two main powered sections – Jaycee Park and Copeton Bay. The Northcott Centre is where reception, the kiosk and conference centre are located. There is also a jumping pillow, splash park and the main playground.

Where to stay at the Copeton Dam?

Reflections Holiday Park – Copeton Waters on the dam’s southern side provides a range of accommodation options. Camping is also available on the northern foreshore of the dam. 2. Water sports The large lake offers skiing, jet skis, sailing, canoeing and swimming.

What is Copeton Dam?

Copeton Dam is one of the largest inland dams in NSW with a capacity of 1,364,000 megalitres, nearly three times that of Sydney Harbour.

Are Dogs Allowed at reflections holiday parks Copeton waters?

Dogs are permitted at Reflections Holiday Parks Copeton Waters on both powered and unpowered sites and in selected standard cabins year round. When it comes to freshwater fishing in NSW and a memorable camping experience to go with it, it’s hard to go past Reflections Holiday Parks Copeton Waters.