Where can I hike in the Wind River Range?

Where can I hike in the Wind River Range?

According to users from AllTrails.com, the best place to hike in Wind River Range is Washakie Pass Loop to Cirque of the Towers which has a 4.4 star rating from 18 reviews. This trail is 65.2 km long with an elevation gain of 2,290 m. It takes an average of 19 h 27 min to hike.

Do you need permits for Wind River Range?

No permits are required from the U.S. Forest Service. However, hiking in some areas east of the Divide, as well as vehicle access to Dickinson Park trailhead, involves travel over the Wind River Reservation, for which you must purchase a rather costly fishing license from the tribe, even if you do not fish.

Where are the Wind River Mountains?

Wind River Range, mountain range in the central Rocky Mountains, west-central Wyoming, U.S. The range extends for 100 miles (160 km) northwest-southeast to the Sweetwater River and is part of the Continental Divide.

When can you hike Wind Rivers?

The terrain and elevation of the Wind River Range make backpacking here a challenge, albeit a worthwhile one. The best time to visit the Titcomb Basin area is in the late summer, beginning in July and ending in late September.

What kind of bears are in the Wind River Range?

Black Bears are common throughout the Wind River Range. Although a Grizzly encounter is possible, it is unlikely. Grizzly habitat is typically to the north and east of the Pinedale area. Black Bears are not as aggressive as Grizzly Bears and most often want to avoid you.

Are there grizzly bears in Wind River Range?

Where is the Wind River Range high route in Michigan?

Overview Map The heart of the Wind River Range High Route lies between the range’s southernmost and northernmost named 13,000-foot summits, Wind River Peak and Downs Mountain. For an end-to-end thru-hike, the most obvious trailheads are on the range’s east side: Bruce Bridge, 15 miles west of Lander, and Trail Lakes, 10 miles west of Dubois.

How many feet of elevation gain is there in Wind River Range?

We’ve got you covered, with trails ranging from 7,513 to 7,513 feet in elevation gain. Whatever you have planned for the day, you can find the perfect trail for your next trip to Wind River Range. Where is the best place to hike in Wind River Range?

What is the longest hike in the Wind River Range?

According to AllTrails.com, the longest trail in Wind River Range is Washakie Pass Loop to Cirque of the Towers. This trail is estimated to be 40.5 mi long and takes on average multi-day to hike.

Can you hike the Wind River in Wyoming?

Wind River Trail Maps, Wyoming Wind River Range, Wyoming Background. The Wind Rivers are a classic hiking opportunity in Wyoming. Thought it is getting more and more popular, it is often overlooked as people plan their next hike because of the cachet of familiar names like Glacier, the Sierras, Colorado, etc.