How do I start the Black Prince Questline MoP?

How do I start the Black Prince Questline MoP?

Chapter V: Judgment of the Black Prince: Legendary Rewards

  1. The 5.4 questline starts when Wrathion sends you to the Timeless Isle in A Timeless Discovery.
  2. Once there, you must collect 5000 for Secrets of the Timeless Isle.
  3. You must also defeat four new world bosses, the celestials, in The Emperor’s Way.

How do you get honored with the Black Prince?

Players pick up Trial of the Black Prince at the same time to get Honored with The Black Prince by killing level 90 Mogu and Mantid–unless you’re a rogue that has completed Fangs of the Father.

Where is Wrathion in Pandaria?

the Veiled Stair
In Pandaria, Wrathion made his base in the Tavern in the Mists, which is found in the Veiled Stair, after experiencing a vision of Azeroth’s destruction.

How do you get Kirin Tor offensive rep?

As with most Mists of Pandaria factions, reputation with the Kirin Tor Offensive is mainly gained by completing daily quests. These quests are found on the Isle of Thunder and while not identical, are very similar for both the Kirin Tor Offensive and the Sunreaver Offensive.

How do I get Kirin Tor rep?

How to farm Kirin Tor reputation to exalted.

  1. Do quests until you reach friendly and buy the Tabard of the Kirin Tor.
  2. Go to The Nexus instance located in Borean Tundra.
  3. Set difficulty level to Heroic.
  4. Kill all the trash but don’t kill any of the bosses.
  5. Run out and reset.
  6. Do this until you reach exalted.

Who is Wrathions mum?

Occupation Self-proclaimed leader of the black dragonflight
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Nyxondra (mother), Unknown father, Deathwing (grandfather), Nefarian (uncle), Onyxia (aunt), Sabellian (half-uncle)

What is breath of the Black Prince in Mists of Pandaria?

The Breath of the Black Prince refers to the legendary quest line of Mists of Pandaria. In this article, we will provide you with all the information regarding this quest line, as well as present you with a straightforward guide for completing it. This quest line spans over the entirety of Mists of Pandaria’s content.

What level can you start the Black Prince quest line?

The quest line revolves around Wrathion (whom you might remember from the Fangs of the Father quest line in patch 4.3), and his new faction, The Black Prince. Eligibility. The Breath of the Black Prince quest line is available only to level 90 characters. Class Restrictions. There are no class restrictions.

How many quests are there in breath of the Black Prince?

The Breath of the Black Prince quest chain is comprised of 32 quests, as of writing this guide. 3.1. The quest chain is comprised of the following quests: Incoming…; Judgment of the Black Prince *. * quests that require killing raid bosses.

Can you add legendary gems to eye of the Black Prince?

It is important to note that, being a prismatic socket, you cannot add the legendary gems to this socket. Also, characters who are dual-wielding Sha-Touched weapons or weapons from the Throne of Thunder can use an Eye of the Black Prince on both weapons.