What is the widest baseboard you can buy?

What is the widest baseboard you can buy?

Moulding can range in size from about 5 1/2 to 7 inches or higher and 5/8 to 1-inch wide. The top edge of the trim is sculpted with decorative scalloped or stepped details that taper into the wall. This baseboard design works best in homes that are large in scale.

How wide should your baseboard be?

A general rule of thumb for your baseboards is the 7 percent rule — they should equal 7 percent of the overall height of your room. So, if you have 8-foot ceilings, your baseboards will look best at around 7 inches high.

How wide is baseboard molding?

Baseboard is more substantial than door or window casing. It’s rarely no less than 3/4-inch in thickness, and can range from 3 to 5 inches in width. It usually displays a simple profile that’s easy to clean. Baseboard is often accentuated with a 1/2-by-1/2-inch piece of half-round molding along the bottom edge.

How can I make my baseboards look good?

Trim, mouldings, and baseboards should be painted with semi-gloss paint to get a more authentic look. Before you start painting, use painters tape along the floors and the wall above the new line of moulding to keep your paint nice and clean.

What are the best baseboard ideas for your home?

These are some of the vibrant baseboard ideas to pick. If blue is your favorite color, you can choose to have blue baseboard and moldings. The color can make the room feel cooler so that it is great for homes in warmer weather. Since the skirting board has eye-catching color, you need to balance it with minimalist baseboard trim.

What type of Baseboard trim should I use on a wall?

The type of baseboard trim used in this design idea is the rounded baseboard. No base cap molding or base shoe added on this baseboard, but it looks good in the room. Having a white colonial baseboard on white wall can be a great idea if your interior is already full of beautiful details.

What is the standard size of a rounded baseboard?

Rounded or Stepped Baseboard Trim This skirting board trim is minimalist and simple. It has a slightly rounded shape or slightly stepped shape. Therefore, it tapers off nicely to the wall. The size of this rounded or stepped skirting board is about 3 inches tall and 7/8 inch wide or 5/8 inch wide.

How do you make baseboard corners more interesting?

You can make your baseboard corners more interesting by cutting off the standard mitered corners, creating a flat edge. If a single plank is too boring for your room, bump out the bottom of your baseboards with a one-inch thick strip of molding. 3. Painted Modern Baseboard Ideas