What is the Boracay beach?

What is the Boracay beach?

Boracay Island, one of the top beaches in the Philippines and one of the best Visayas tourist spots, is blessed with a long stretch of powdery white sand beach (called White Beach), crystal clear and azure waters, a stunning sunset, and more.

Where is Boracay Island in Philippines map?

Boracay (locally [bɔˈrakaɪ]) is a resort island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines….Boracay.

Boracay Island white sand beach
Boracay Location of Boracay Show map of Visayas Show map of Philippines Show all
Coordinates 11°58′8″N 121°55′26″E
Archipelago Visayas

How much is kayak in Boracay?

You can rent a kayak and go by yourself from any beach (rates cost around PHP 500 per hour or PHP 1,500 for the whole day), or join a day tour (kayaking is usually included).

How many days should I stay in Boracay?

2 to 4 days is enough to enjoy most of the highlights in Boracay. If you are traveling to Boracay for 5 days or more than 1 week, consider a side trip to nearby islands including Panay Island and Carabao Island.

How many nights should I stay in Boracay?

Who owns Shangri La Boracay?

Kerry Properties
Shangri-La has 4 brands across different market segments: Shangri-La, Traders Hotels, Kerry Hotels and Hotel Jen….Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.

Type Public
Total equity US$6.50 billion (2019)
Owner Kerry Properties
Website www.shangri-la.com

What are the different types of Boracay packages?

Boracay Packages for Hotels, Airfare and Tours 1 Accommodation Only Packages. The packages listed here offer discounted rates on accommodation only, with some including airport transfers as well. 2 Airfare and Hotel Packages. 3 Tour and Hotel Packages. 4 Multiple Destination Packages. 5 Activities Only Packages.

How much does it cost to go to Boracay?

The most affordable Boracay package with airfare, hotel, and transfers is PHP9,155, a 3-Day Boracay Vacation Package at Bamboo Beach Resort with Airfare from Manila. Prices are subject to change without notice. What are the best Boracay hotel tour packages?

Where to stay in Boracay?

For a quiet stay right on the beachfront, consider Boracay Ocean Club, located in the peaceful southern part of Station 3. The resort’s Ocean View Suite comes with fantastic views of the sea, a swimming pool, and best of all, your own Jacuzzi on the balcony.

Where is Boracay Grace Hotel located?

Featuring a bar and a terrace, Boracay Grace Hotel is located in Boracay, a 5-minute walk from White Beach Station 3 and 600 yards from Lugutan Beach. Room is exceptionally clean and spaceous. Staff are very kind and approachable.