How do you use a rabodirect Digipass?

How do you use a rabodirect Digipass?

2.Setting your personal Digipass PIN

  1. Once your 5 digit activation code has been texted/emailed,
  2. Press the orange button on your Digipass.
  3. Enter the 5 digit activation code that Rabobank sent you either via email or SMS.
  4. Digipass will Display NEW PIN – Enter your own new and unique 5 digit PIN.

How do I reset my Rabobank Digipass?

I’ve forgotten my PIN. How do I reset it?

  1. Get your unlock code.
  2. Once you have received your email or TXT, press the orange key on your Digipass and enter the unlock code.
  3. The Digipass will display ‘New PIN’.
  4. Enter your PIN again to confirm it.
  5. The Digipass will display ‘New PIN conf’

Can you replace battery in Digipass?

DIGIPASS uses a battery with a life of up to 5 years, depending on the frequency of use. After its expiration, you must contact the bank to replace the device. DIGIPASS device must not be open, and you must not replace the battery yourself.

How do I unlock my Digipass?

Select ‘Unlock Digipass’ and enter your Passphrase. Key in the 7 digit LKD Code displayed on your Digipass into the Unlock Code field in iBB and click on Unlock Digipass. Your Local Administrator must validate your Unlock Request and give you an 8 digit Unlock Code which you then need to key into your Digipass.

How do I activate Auth es?

Enter a phone number into the portal. Download the OneSpan Mobile Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator ES from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Activate automatically using a QR code or manually with an activation number.

How does a Digipass work?

Digipass is a device used for customer identification and for signing documents, when working with the bank remotely. It is an electronic device that generates a unique test-key (combination of digits, which is used instead of signature and seal) for signing documents to be sent to the bank.

How long does a Digipass battery last?

Tough, shock-resistant materials and an expected battery life of 5 years make the DIGIPASS 250 a reliable part of any total enterprise security solution. Its ergonomic keypad and simple graphic interface are so easy to use, no technical training or User’s Guide is needed.

What can you do with old Digipass?

The digipass plastic is recyclable and in line with our sustainability commitment so please send in broken, old, damaged digi passes using the freepost address – Freepost TRIODOS BANK – and we will recycle it securely for you.

What is Auth es app?

About this app Mobile Authenticator Enterprise Security allow online users to safely connect to your enterprise application or networks from your mobile equipment. Help on using this application is available on OneSpan website via the Mobile Authenticator Enterprise Security application. Updated on. 20 May 2022.

Can I change a battery in a Digipass?

If the battery has run out on your Digipass you need to contact the Business On Line Helpdesk to activate your spare device or request a new one. You cannot replace the Digipass battery yourself. The Digipass battery normally has a life span of 3 years.

How do you get rid of Digipass?

How do you use Auth es?

What is Digipass used for?

The DIGIPASS mobile client enables you to generate a onetime password on your mobile phone, which you can use to log in to Virtusa’s VPN. The instructions below explain how to install the DIGIPASS client on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

How do I get an Authenticator QR code?

Go to the security verification settings screen. For information on how to get to this screen, see Changing your security settings. Check the box next to Authenticator app then select Configure. This brings up a screen with a QR code on it.