How old is JusReign?

How old is JusReign?

32 years (November 4, 1989)Jus Reign / Age

What is JusReign doing now?

Canadian comedian Russell Peters (“The Indian Detective”) will executive produce half-hour series “Late Bloomer,” featuring fellow Canadian comic Jasmeet Singh Raina (AKA Jus Reign), with independent production company Pier 21 Films. The show is currently in development at Canadian public broadcaster CBC.

Will Jus Reign come back?

Popular Indo-Canadian YouTuber Jus Reign also known as JusReign is ready for his comeback with comedy series ‘Late Bloomer’. Pier 21 Films announced that they will be producing the half hour series featuring Jasmeet Singh Raina popularly known as Jus Reign.

Why did Jusreign stop making videos?

In December 2018, Jus Reign concluded his Punjabi Christmas Album series with The Geeta Breakup, after which he became inactive on YouTube and social media.

Where is Jus Reign from?

Guelph, CanadaJus Reign / Place of birth

Does Jusreign have Instagram?

Jusreign (@jusreignfp) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is Raina Telgemeier?

In October 2019, Raina (along with other Canadian actors) starred in an interactive web-documentary by the National Film Board of Canada called Supreme Law. Raina plays the role of former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Is JusReign moving on from YouTube?

I am pretty sure Jusreign is moving on or most likely taking a brief break from YouTube. Jusreign described himself as a creative type so it would be likely he is facing exhaustion combined with writer’s block after creating Desi-related content for over a decade.

Who is JusReign’s mom?

His most popular series, Desi Mom, features JusReign with Rupan (RupanBal on YouTube) as his mom. “THE SWAG SONG” is one of his more popular works and he is known by many as one of the finest YouTubers of this genre and has risen to fame with his ability to utilize comic timing.