Is Pheretima a earthworm?

Is Pheretima a earthworm?

Pheretima is a genus of earthworms found mostly in New Guinea and parts of Southeast Asia. Species belonging to the genus Pheretima have a clitellum, which is a band of glandular tissue present on segments 14 to 16.

What is Pheretima used for?

Pheretima is a minister drug in Naoxintong capsule (NXTC), a well-known traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

What is scientific name of Pheretima?

PheretimaPheretima / Scientific name

What is the classification of Pheretima?

ClitellataPheretima / ClassThe Clitellata are a class of annelid worms, characterized by having a clitellum – the ‘collar’ that forms a reproductive cocoon during part of their life cycles. The clitellates comprise around 8,000 species. Unlike the class of Polychaeta, they do not have parapodia and their heads are less developed. Wikipedia

Is Pheretima an Indian earthworm?

The common Indian earthworm is Pheretima posthuma. It is triploblastic in nature and they are coelomate.

What is the scientific name of earthworm Pheretima?

Is Pheretima parasitic?

Hint: Pheretima is a genus of earthworms which is mostly found in soil. Hirudinaria is known as cattle leech. It is free- living or living as parasites.

What is a Pheretima Posthuma?

Pheretima posthuma is known as the ‘friends of farmers’ as they make burrows in soil and make it porous which helps in respiration and penetration of the developing plant roots. The process of increasing soil fertility by the worms is known as vermicomposting. Earthworm feed on the organic debris present in the soil.

Is Pheretima a parasite?

What is the family of Pheretima Posthuma?

Pheretima posthuma (Vailliant, 1868)

Kingdom Phylum Family
Animalia Annelida Megascolecidae

Is Pheretima found in India?

Pheretima is a genus of earthworm belonging to the family Megascolecidae. This type of earthworm is found in India. A common species is Pheretima posthuma.

What are Indian earthworms?

A common species of Indian earthworm is Pheretima posthuma.

  • Lumbricus terrestris is another Indian earthworm, commonly known as a nightcrawler.
  • Rana tigrina is the common name of the Indian bullfrog.
  • Hirudo is a genus of leeches.
  • What is absent in 16th segment of Pheretima?

    In Pheretima posthuma (earthworm) septa are absent between 3/4 and 9/10 segments.

    What is the meaning of Pheretima Posthuma?

    Pheretima Posthuma is a species of earthworm belonging to the Megascolecidae Family. Earthworms belonging to the Megascolecidae Family are found primarily in portions of Southeast Asia, such as India, as well as parts of Oceania and North America.

    Which earthworm is best for vermicompost in India?

    Vermicomposting using local varieties of earthworms Local species used in India are Perionyx excavatus and Lampito mauritii. These earthworms can be cultured or used in composting applying simple procedures either in pits, crates, tanks, concrete rings or any containers.

    Which hyper septa is absent?

    The body cavity of an earthworm is a true coelom, which lies between the body wall and the alimentary canal. It is lined by the coelomic epithelium derived from the mesoderm. The septa are absent in the first four segments. So, the correct answer is option D.

    What is septa of earthworm?

    The septum is a membrane that is flexible enough to allow for contraction of the internal muscles. Because the fluid cannot escape and does not contract, the earthworm can change shape, from rotund to flat, depending on the need and the accessibility of its location.