What are satcom terminals?

What are satcom terminals?

Communication satellite allows military units to plan and coordinate their infantry and units in the field. They provide tactical communication on the move and are easily integrated on vehicles, naval vessels, and aircraft.

What are the 3 orbits used for satcom?

Satellites operate in three different orbits: low Earth orbit (LEO), medium Earth orbit (MEO), and geostationary or geosynchronous orbit (GEO).

What is Ka band satcom?

Ka band satellite communications (SATCoM) frequencies provide new opportunities to meet high bandwidth demands, especially for small aerial, maritime and mobile land platforms supporting beyond line of sight requirements for network- centric operations.

How does Satcom work in aviation?

Airborne radio telephone communication via a satellite is usually abbreviated to the term SATCOM. Use of satellites for this purpose complements satellite-based navigation capability. Aircraft onboard equipment for SATCOM includes a satellite data unit, a high power amplifier and an antenna with a steerable beam.

What is UHF satcom?

The Ultra High Frequency Satellite Communications (uhf satcom) System provides communication links, via satellite, between designated mobile units and shore sites worldwide in the Ultra High Frequency band beyond the line of sight. It is immune to weather issues and can penetrate deep forest cover.

What frequency is satcom?

Satellite Communication (satcom) is based on a specific range of frequencies. The useable radio spectrum ranges from 1Ghz to 300Ghz, where its use for communications ends as the signal becomes infrared, X-Ray and visible light. For maritime satcom, we use the frequencies from 1Ghz up to approx. 30Ghz.

What does Satcom Direct do?

The SD Xperience Over the past 25 years, Satcom Direct has grown to become a leading provider of fully integrated, end-to-end, global satellite communications solutions. Customized to meet the unique requirements of our business aviation, government, land mobile, and marine customers.

How do VSAT work?

A VSAT consists of two parts: a transceiver placed outdoors in direct line of sight to the satellite, and a device that is placed indoors to interface the transceiver with the end user’s communications device, such as a PC. The transceiver receives or sends a signal to a satellite transponder in the sky.

Does Satcom use UHF?

Lightweight and robust, uhf satcom provides a highly secure means of communication with extensive uses on land, at sea and in the air to meet the needs of the armed forced. satcom antenna have a monogamous relationship with satellites in that they only talk to one antenna.

Why choose Thales for tactical satellite communication?

Featuring on-demand communications for a tactical network, communication satellites from Thales are compatible with other satcom terminals, and provide high-performance tracking, with other features to keep everyone connected during challenging military missions.

What is SATCOM on-the-moveĀ®?

Our SATCOM On-the-MoveĀ® antennas provide reliable, high data rate satellite communications while on the move enabling secure, beyond-line-of-sight communications for vehicles in motion over rugged terrain.

What is a multi-frequency band satellite terminal?

The product office specializes in multi-frequency band (C, Ku, Ka, X and L Bands) satellite terminals. These terminals provide commanders and Soldiers with assured and reliable communications throughout the world using both commercial and military satellite constellations.

Are your SATCOM terminals tested in the military?

All satcom terminals have been tested under the most challenging military conditions for the highest level of performance. To enquire about our solutions, please use our dedicated contact form. Tactical SATCOM terminals. In operation and deployment in the UK, France and export countries.