How is DOTA damage calculated?

How is DOTA damage calculated?

These two formulas can be combined, the damage multiplier formula: Damage mult = 1 – 0.052 × armor0.9 + 0.048 × |armor| There is no limit to the maximum or minimum armor value the damage multiplier will therefor always be between 2 (infinite negative armor) and 0 (infinite armor).

Do crits stack in Dota 2?

Critical hits cannot stack with each other. The higher of the proc/damage wins. For example: If a hero buys both a Crystalys and a Daedalus , on every hit the hero has a 20% chance of proccing a critical attack from Daedalus, a 15% chance from Crystalys, and a 5% chance of proccing both.

Can illusions crit DOTA?

Illusions can use critical strike, but the damage will be heavily reduced due to being an illusion. Illusions cannot use guaranteed critical strikes.

How do you calculate total attack damage?

Calculating the total damage of an attack involves using many different multipliers and values. Total attack damage is synonymous with how much health a target immediately loses as a direct result of the attack. Some on-hit effects that are not affected by critical strike are still considered part of attack damage, and some are not.

What is attack damage in D2?

Attack damage ( ) is the amount of damage a unit is shown to deal with a regular attack. A unit’s total attack damage is the sum of its main attack damage (white) and bonus attack damage (green).

What are attack damage percentage bonuses and bonus attack damage?

Main Attack Damage Percentage Bonuses: Adds an amount of bonus attack damage equal to a percentage of the affected unit’s main attack damage (e.g. Vladmir’s Offering, Packleader’s Aura etc.). While bonus attack damage is usually positive values, it can also use a negative value to reduce a unit’s net attack damage (e.g. Static Link etc.).

What is main attack damage and how to increase it?

Main attack damage is the damage value shown in white numbers on a hero’s statistics consisting of the base attack damage with the damage granted by a hero’s primary attribute on top. A hero’s main attack damage can only be increased by raising its primary attribute, or by very few specific abilities.