Is professional courier trustworthy?

Is professional courier trustworthy?

Worst courier service I have ever seen. Their staffs are all unprofessional & they dont know what they are doing. Dont get flattered by their prices. Happened to me twice, 2 out of 2 times parcel got stranded for 10-15 days at the destination city office.

Can I send laptop through professional courier?

And used the Professional courier PRO (Premium Service). The local hub suggested that PRO is a premium service and there will be no damage to the package. I have packed the entire laptop properly with thermocol and other cushions required so that the shipping does not cause any damages.

Can we send food items in professional courier?

Professional courier’s delivers dry food items like rice, chilly, turmeric powder etc up to 1 kg. Unitrans allows some varieties of food items including Pickles.

Is it safe to send mobile through Professional courier?

Yes! It is safe to send mobile or any other expensive electronic item through courier.

Is Sunday holiday for Professional courier?

Does Professional courier deliver on Sundays? Yes, they deliver on Sundays. Keep in mind that they are closed on public holidays.

Can I send electronics through Professional courier?

Is 2kg laptop too heavy?

Yes heavy.. Any laptop which is over 2kg is heavy for the majority of people..

Which is the largest courier company in India?

The Professional Courier is one of the largest courier company in india and have many branches in india

Why the Professional Couriers?

The Professional Couriers has grown and has established itself as an ultimate provider of services in the Indian Courier industry with its assurance of 24 years of expertise.

What is a professional courier tracking number?

Mail Tracking Number: Professional Courier tracking number consist of 7-11 digit tracking number for track your consignment. This professional courier tracking number is provided by the Professional courier agents while you book your courier with them in the form of a slip or invoice.