What is glam up cream?

What is glam up cream?

Glam Up Powder Cream, an amazing product from VINI that lets you get instant fairness in just few minutes! Whether you are planning to go out on a party or meet a new friend, this cream can give you that ultimate glow along with fresh and radiant skin. Features: Gives fair skin instantly suitable for all skin types.

Is glam up cream good for dry skin?

It does not have any spf so its better to use sun protection before wearing this in the daytime. On oily skin, it gives a shinier look so it is a strict no no for them. However it’s a blessing for dry skin as it adds a nice glow to the face and only a little amount is required to get that.

What is the price of glam up cream?

QUAT MAKE UP PROFESSIONAL LIQUID FOUNDATION (UV Protection) ( Mat… BLUE HEAVEN Get Bright Fairness And Foundation BB Cream SPF15 30g… Glam 21 1 Glow Glam High Definition Make Up Base Illuminating Pri……Glam-Up glomatic moisturising light makeup cream 34 gm (34 g)

Sales Package 1
Form Cream
Application Area Face

Is glam up a foundation?

Glam 21 Skin Make Up Base PRIMER + FOUNDATION Keep Fresh And Clea……Glam 21 Skin make up Primer And Foundation (Beige, 60 ml)

Brand Glam 21
Finish Natural
Application Area Face
Container Type Spray
Skin Type All Skin Type

Which cream is good for girls face?

Best Face Cream For Girls Product Price List

Best Face Cream For Girls Product Price
7. Alps Goodness Powder – Sandalwood (50 g) | 100% Natural Powder | No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Pesticides | Face Mask for Even Toned Skin | Face Mask for Glow ₹100
8. Alps Goodness Sandalwood Face Wash (100ml) ₹74

What is this Glam Up cream?

Claims: This glam up cream product is manufactured by Vini cosmetics that also make Nufeel facial spray and the white tone face powder. I have used both of those products.

Which is the best powdered cream in India?

Vini Cosmetics came up with this unique combination of powder and cream in a single tube in the form of Glam Up. It is probably the first ever ‘powdered-cream’ in Indian market. It is a smooth textured, light weight cream which is suitable for all skin types. It also protects the skin from sun damage! The cream comes in a sleek tube packaging.

How to use powder cream for sun protection?

This claims that this is the first powder cream which helps to give a sun protection and is easy to use. How to use this cream: Just apply it all over the face and the massage on the skin to blend it.

How do you know if the cream is good for oily skin?

Anyways, so the cream gets blended well and face feels matte. It is okay for the oily skin as it will keep the skin free of oils for 2-3 hours then some oils and sebum comes on the oily parts. Like in my case my nose and chin gets oily fast.