Why is the Ettamogah pub closed?

Why is the Ettamogah pub closed?

Federal Court proceedings have begun to shut the Sunshine Coast’s pub formerly known as the Ettamogah after venue operators Aussie World were accused of breaching copyright laws.

How many ettamogah pubs are there in Australia?

Over the years, other Ettamogah pubs popped up all around Australia making a total of four: including the original in Albury, one at Kellyville, another in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast (1989) and in Cunderdin, Western Australia, built in 2001.

What happened to the Ettamogah pub Albury?

In 2014, following a dispute over intellectual property rights, this pub has since changed its name and removed any of the cartoon likenesses. In 2018, the pub underwent a substantial redevelopment project which included more than 500 square metres of decking around the front and sides of the building.

What is Ettamogah Pub called now?

the Banana Bender Pub
It will now be known as the Banana Bender Pub.

What is ettamogah pub called now?

Who owns the Ettamogah pub Albury?

owner Leigh O’Brien
In 2011, the owner Leigh O’Brien announced plans for a $3 million redevelopment which included the addition of a caravan park and petrol station.

Who owns Ettamogah Pub?

Located in the suburb of Table Top in the NSW town of Albury, near the border of Victoria, the pub was purchased by current owner Leigh O’Brien, managing director of the Ettamogah Group, in 1997.

What does the word Ettamogah mean?

place of good drink
As a boy Ken would cycle around a water hole called Ettamogah, an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of good drink’. This struck Ken as an ideal name for a pub and hence the infamous Ettamogah cartoons were born.

What is the Ettamogah pub famous for?

The cartoonist Ken Maynard, loving empty spaces and having nothing around him, enjoyed an area just outside Albury at Table Top, New South Wales, named Ettamogah, thus christening the eponymous name of his now famous pub the “Ettamogah Pub”….

Ettamogah Pub
Completed 1987
Client Lindsay Cooper

Who owns ettamogah pub?