Can you insert KY Jelly in your vagina?

Can you insert KY Jelly in your vagina?

Using the applicator provided, the beads are comfortably and discreetly inserted for a decidedly easy and mess-free experience. Because it takes a few minutes for the insert to dissolve, K-Y® Liquibeads® are ideal for occasions when you can enjoy intimate play while the product works its magic.

Is KY Jelly discontinued?

K-Y Removed From Shelves — No Tingling, Silky, Moisturizing Lubricants Without Approval. You might not realize that K-Y Jelly is a medical device but it is and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not happy about claims made by Johnson & Johnson concerning the personal lubricant.

Who manufactures KY Jelly?

K-Y Jelly

Product type Personal lubricants
Owner Reckitt
Country US
Introduced 1904
Previous owners Johnson & Johnson Van Horn and Sawtell

What does KY Jelly do for her?

K-Y Intense is designed for manual clitoral stimulation that can intensify sensations throughout intercourse. A few drops on her intimate areas during foreplay and the special formula will bring sensual waves of warming, cooling, or tingling sensations that can increase the sensitivity of her intimate areas.

Did KY Jelly change their formula?

Our new body friendly formula provides longer* lasting pleasure that complements your natural lubrication(*in comparison to no lubricant during intercourse). This gentle formula is not made with sulphates, hormones, parabens, artificial colorants and fragrances.

Can KY Jelly cause bladder infections?

Many personal lubricants, like K-Y jelly, contain glycerin which breaks down to sugars and promotes yeast infections and possibly also bacterial vaginosis, noted Dr.

Does Durex own K-Y?

In a move that seems, well, oddly slick and not in the least bit tacky, Reckitt Benckiser, owner of the Durex brand, has bought KY Lubricants from the Johnson and Johnson company.

Where do you apply KY Jelly?

Use as directed. Directions: Intended for penile, vaginal and/or anal application for intimate sexual activity and to supplement the body’s natural lubrication. Apply desired amount to your intimate areas. Reapply as needed.

Does KY Jelly cause yeast infections?

Use of personal lubricants that contain glycerol (such as KY Jelly) may trigger yeast infections in women who are prone to them. Ingredients such as methylparaben (contained in KY Jelly) may cause skin irritations in some people.

Is KY jelly toxic?

It is water based and considered non-toxic. Accidental ingestion of KY Jelly usually doesn’t cause symptoms. If a large amount is swallowed, there can be a laxative effect as it passes through the system resulting in a loose stool.

Is it OK to use KY Jelly everyday?

KY Jelly can be used as needed and does not have a daily dosing schedule. Seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor if the lubricating effects of KY Jelly are not sufficient for your needs.

Can you use Vaseline instead of KY Jelly?

While it may reduce friction during sex, it can also introduce bacteria that can lead to an infection. It’s also difficult to clean and can cause staining. Avoid using Vaseline as lube during sex if you can. While it’s great for chapped lips or skin, it’s not great for vaginas or anuses.

Can you use K-Y jelly everyday?

Is K-Y jelly the best lube?

KY Brand JELLY is the #1 Doctor Recommended and most trusted lubricant brand+.

Where can you buy KY Jelly?

Read reviews and buy K-Y Jelly Water-Based Personal Lube at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more.

Does KY jelly contain petroleum?

Unlike petroleum-based lubricants, K-Y jelly is biologically inert, reacting with neither latex condoms nor silicone-based sex toys, and contains no added colors or perfumes. [ citation needed ] It is non-staining and easy to clean up.

How to apply KY Jelly! please rate?

It intensifies your orgasmic experience

  • Since it is water-based,it can be cleaned off easily
  • You can use it for both vaginal and anal sex
  • It increases sensitivity
  • The smell is sweet and gentle
  • Best lube reviews show water-based lubricants are the most convenient to use
  • Is KY Jelly safe for women?

    While K-Y Jelly is generally safe, it contains an ingredient called glycerol that can cause yeast infections. If you develop a yeast infection, see your doctor to get treatment. During your appointment, ask your doctor which lubricant is safe for you to use.