How do I contact University of Tennessee?

How do I contact University of Tennessee?

Contact Us

  1. One Stop Student Services. For financial aid and scholarship information, as well as for general application and admission information, call One Stop Student Services at 865-974-1111 or email [email protected].
  2. Campus Tours and Events Information.
  3. Admissions Offices and Administration.
  4. UT Regional Counselors.

How do I call utk link?

The T: Link transports students at night to their destination.

  1. Request pickup through the UT mobile app’s transit icon or the TransLoc app. The blue circle will pop up to request On-Demand after 6:00 pm.
  2. Call from any campus Blue Phone.
  3. Call the Link directly at 865-974-4080.

Can you have a car as a freshman at utk?

At the University of Tennessee, all students may bring their cars to the campus. The office of Parking Services operates the parking on campus.

Where do I send my transcripts for University of Tennessee Knoxville?

Send official electronic transcripts to: [email protected].

How do I register my device UTK?

Register Your Device Visit to register your computer, phone, tablet, or any other device with a web browser. For devices without a web browser, such as an Apple TV, go to

Does Utk require official transcripts?

All admitted students will be required to submit official transcripts. Copies of official transcripts from all undergraduate and/or graduate institutions you have attended are required. All transcripts must be uploaded to the online application, even if you didn’t receive a degree.

What does Ld mean on a transcript?

If UT does not have a direct course equivalent for your 100 or 200 level work, you are awarded lower division (LD) credit without a specific course number.

What is Utk famous for?

The University of Tennessee is a public research institution in Knoxville, one of the state’s largest cities, and is the flagship campus for the state school. It has more than 40 fraternities and sororities for students to join. The UT sports teams are known as the Vols and the Lady Vols, short for Volunteers.

How do I register my clicker UTK?

Create a Turning Technologies Account

  1. Log in to Canvas and Select a course in which you will be using clickers.
  2. Select Modules from the Canvas course navigation pane.
  3. Select Turning Technologies Account Registration.
  4. Enter your UTK email address [email protected].

What is Utexas IOT?

utexas-iot is encrypted over the air with an individual key for each device (unlike a typical WPA2-Home network where all devices share keys and can eavesdrop some of the traffic). In general, utexas should be used if a device will support both WPA2-Enterprise and WPA2-PSK, due to its stronger encryption.

Are air fryers allowed in dorms UTK?

Residence Halls: Prohibited appliances include, but are not limited to, toasters, toaster ovens, electric fryers/griddles, propane fryers, coffee makers with glass craft pot, hot plates, induction cooktops and all similar appliances with exposed heating elements and appliances that could cause a fire if left unattended …

Can you live off campus as a freshman at UTK?

If you are truly dissatisfied with your current on-campus living situation, you can file a “Residency Requirement Exemption Request Form.” The University of Tennessee at Knoxville allows freshmen to request to live off campus; however, unless a specific set of criteria is achieved, such as residing locally at your …

How do I contact the University of Tennessee Knoxville admissions office?

320 Student Services Building, Knoxville, TN 37996 Phone: 865-974-1111 Email: [email protected] TwitterFacebookInstagram The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Where do I Send my admissions application to UTK?

[email protected]. Office of Undergraduate Admissions—Regional (West Tennessee) 800 Madison Avenue, Ste 209. Memphis, TN 38163-0001. 901-448-8289. admit2u[email protected]. UT Visitors Center. 1502 Cumberland Ave. Suite 282.

How do I register as a senior citizen at UTK?

Follow these steps to register: You must be admitted to UT by either Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions. Complete the senior citizen registration form for enrolling in credit courses. Get instructions to register for classes on MyUTK. Submit a photocopy of identification that will verify your age and valid Tennessee residency.

How do I register for classes on myutk?

Get instructions to register for classes on MyUTK. Submit a photocopy of identification that will verify your age and valid Tennessee residency. This identification can be a driver’s license or passport with birth date. You can submit documentation to the Registrar’s Office or to One Stop.