Is a Blue Heeler mix a good dog?

Is a Blue Heeler mix a good dog?

With proper socialization from a puppy, this Blue Heeler mix can be a good choice for families with kids and other pets. It is not all cuddles for this breed though, their intelligent, highly adaptable natures, mean they need a good about of stimulation. As a very diligent breed, they will excel at skill training.

Can Blue Heelers be cuddly?

They are affectionate with their families, but they are extremely attached to their special ‘person’. They may show this person more attention and affection than anyone else. If you want a dog that will work hard, play hard, and cuddle harder, the blue heeler may be for you.

Do Blue Heelers ever calm down?

Between the ages of two to four, Blue Heelers start to calm down. Their energy levels will stay high, but if they have had proper training, they should have learned to control themselves and be better behaved.

Are Blue Heelers good in hot weather?

Australian Cattle Dog The breed is also called a “blue heeler” and is a highly active breed that loves to expend energy no matter the weather, making them an excellent medium-sized dog breed for hot weather.

How much does a blue heeler cost?

How much does a Blue Heeler cost? On average, a Blue Heeler puppy range anywhere from $250 for a ranch-bred puppy to over $1,100 for a high-quality ACK trained dog. The costs will depend on the dog’s age, its history, bloodline, the breeder, geographical location and inclusions.

Is a blue heeler Catahoula mix a good dog?

This is why most Catahoula blue heeler mix puppies for sale are as clean as a champ. If you love these features of a small dog with long legs and a beautiful coat, this is a good pet for you. Make sure that the breeder you choose has been in business for many years.

Is a blue heeler a farm dog?

Traditionally bred as herding dogs on the farm, today’s Blue Heeler still relishes that role. They are fiercely loyal, which makes them great working dogs. Their hardworking nature and extreme intelligence mean that they love retrieving toys and figuring out puzzles.

Is a blue heeler hypoallergenic?

The Blue Heeler mix is not hypoallergenic so therefore not suitable for people with dog hair allergies or those unable to look after a heavy shedding pooch. Possible coat colors from both parents are Blue, Blue Mottled, Blue Speckled, Red Mottled, Red Speckled, or even Merle. Loyalty and companionship